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Interaction Designer

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Tom & Raz

Interaction Designer

Alexandria, Egypt
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Required: Usability, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, UI Design, Graphical Illustration, HTML, CSS
Preferred: Graphical Design
Useful: Frontend development (Javascript and jQuery), Excellent command in English, experience with children products, Mobile/Touch friendly UI Design


Estimated length: Starting with 3 days and can extend upon agreement
Redesign a one-page landing-page (which also includes a how-it-works section) in order to visually communicate the correct message to our visitors (along with some typography of course) .

We would love to take our web application to the next level (mobile app is coming next) in terms of usability and user experience while keeping attractiveness in mind.

We seek web designs that are simple, attractive, modern and most importantly human friendly. It should not leave users lost at any point (with clear calls to actions) while at the same time, giving users flexibility and anticipation of exploring the application.

In short, we are looking for:
. Paying full attention to aesthetics
. Out of the box solutions to UI challenges (like, how to visually represent "credit of point" to a child?)
. Ability to design creative and innovative yet simple and unobtrusive designs.
. Usable and intuitive UI with user experience in mind for web applications (not company profile websites).
. Web oriented (designs that can be converted to HTML and CSS web pages).
. Someone who can collaborate with the rest of the team.
. Mobile UI experience is a plus
. Passion to / Previous experience with children products is a plus.