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Our Goal is to create the simplest platform for employers to hire the best freelancers, contractors and consultants who work ‘in-person’

A. How it works or Why us?

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  1. It’s FREE to post any opportunity and takes less than 2 minutes
  2. We maximize the number of candidates reached very, very quickly
  3. We filter all applications before sending them to you
  4. You can set terms and hire candidates via your normal process
  5. We administer all payments

B. Fees and Charges

  1. We charge a small % of a candidate’s daily rate
  2. We’re cheaper and more efficient

C. We fulfill an underserved market

  1. Candidates who work ‘in person’

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D. How it works / Why us?

  1. It’s FREE
  2. Your profile is created automatically and we suggest opportunities
  3. You can apply for roles with one-click
  4. Communicate directly with employers
  5. Set terms and get hired
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  7. We offer the chance for every application to receive feedback
  8. Receive reviews for work completed